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    Keystone Krossdressers (DVD)
    Two cross-dressing comedies from the Keystone Film Company.
    • The Danger Girl (Keystone, 1916)
    • Dollars and Sense (Keystone, 1916)
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    Larry Semon Comedies (DVD)
    This collection contains three short comedies starring Vitagraph's Larry Semon.
    • The Sawmill (Vitagraph, 1922)
    • Dunces and Dangers (Vitagraph, 1918)
    • Bathing Beauties and Big Boobs (Vitagraph, 1918)
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    Video collection
    Locomotive Actualities Collection (Video collection)
    A collection of early locomotive actualities
    • The Black Diamond Express (Edison, 1896)
    • Southern Pacific Overland Mail (Edison, 1897)
    • Empire State Express (Biograph, 1901)
    • A Railroad Smashup (Edison, 1904)
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    The Man From Beyond (DVD)
    • The Man From Beyond (Houdini, 1922)
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    The Perfect Clown (DVD)
    • The Perfect Clown (Chadwick, 1925)
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    Poverty and the Class Divide (DVD)
    Four short dramas that take a look at the lives of the impoverished or highlight the divide between social classes.
    • In the Tennessee Hills (Kay-Bee, 1915)
    • The Awakening of Bianca (Vitagraph, 1912)
    • Sawdust and Salome (Vitagraph, 1914)
    • A Timely Interception (Biograph, 1913)