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An antiquarian is willing to pay handsomely for a mummy and so Dick bribes a filthy old bum into pretending to be one.

Starring Billy Quirk · Directed by Lee Beggs

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When a blind violin virtuoso's vision is restored, his eyes wander from his homely beloved to a beautiful social butterfly.

Starring Francis X. Bushman and Ruth Stonehouse

Good Dr. Jekyll seals his fate when his experiments unleash the evil within him.

Starring King Baggot · Directed by Herbert Brenon

Lucy leaves her small Indiana town to find employment in New York City where her na´vetÚ may lead her to a life of prostitution.

Henri and Pierre, railroad engineers, are both in love with Jeanne. When Pierre refuses to give her up, a fight breaks out in the engine, imperiling everyone aboard the train.

Starring JoŰ Hamman and Gaston Modot · Directed by Jean Durand

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