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    The Coward (DVD)
    • The Coward (Kay-Bee, 1915)
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    Four Vitagraph Comedians (DVD)
    This collection contains four short films from four of Vitagraph's lesser known comedians.
    • Billy, the Bear Tamer (Vitagraph, 1915)
    • Cabman Kate (Vitagraph, 1915)
    • A Cure for Pokeritis (Vitagraph, 1912)
    • How Fatty Made Good (Vitagraph, 1913)
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    Larry Semon Comedies (DVD)
    This collection contains three short comedies starring Vitagraph's Larry Semon.
    • Dunces and Dangers (Vitagraph, 1918)
    • Bathing Beauties and Big Boobs (Vitagraph, 1918)
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    John Bunny and Sidney Drew (DVD)
    This collection contains four short films from two of Vitagraph's more refined comedians, John Bunny and Sidney Drew.
    • Troublesome Secretaries (Vitagraph, 1911)
    • Auntie's Portrait (Vitagraph, 1915)
    • The Locket; or, When She Was Twenty (Vitagraph, 1913)
    • Fox Trot Finesse (Vitagraph, 1915)