Romeo and Juliet

(Thanhouser Film Corporation, 1911)

Juliet's father, unknowing that she is secretly wed to Romeo, commands her to marry Paris. She and her friend, Friar Lawrence, come up with a plan: Juliet will take a drug that will make her appear to die. After the funeral, Romeo will retrieve her and they will run away together without her family suspecting a thing. Friar Lawrence sends a letter explaining the situation to Romeo, but it goes undelivered, and when news of Juliet's death reaches him, he takes it all too seriously.

Romeo and Juliet was originally released in two parts. Part one portrayed the story of Romeo and Juliet's meeting and secret marriage, and part two followed with the tragedy that befell them. Today, only the second part is known to survive. However, the two parts were constructed as to be independent of each other and were exhibited separately when they premiered. As such, part two can still be enjoyed on its own.

Starring George Lessey and Julia M. Taylor · Directed by Barry O'Neil

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