Quo Vadis?

(SocietÓ Italiana Cines, 1913)

Vinitius, a veteran of the Armenian Wars, has fallen in love with Lygia, a conquered princess now living in Rome. Petronius, Vinitius's uncle, uses his status as Nero's favorite courtier to arrange with the emperor for her to be kidnapped and given as a mistress to Vinitius. As Lygia is being carried away, Ursus, her faithful servant, overtakes her litter and spirits her to safety. Petronius obtains the help of Chilo, an investigator renown for his expansive knowledge, in finding where Lygia is hidden. Chilo finds Lygia, who he discovers to be a Christian, but Vinitius does not care for Chilo and treats him brutally. In retaliation, when Nero is searching for a scapegoat to take the blame for the Great Fire of Rome, Chilo accuses the Christians of starting the blaze.

Starring Amleto Novelli, Gustavo Serena, and Lea Giunchi · Directed by Enrico Guazzoni

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