Black Beauty

(Vitagraph Company of America, 1921)

There is a new reconstruction/restoration of Black Beauty on the way. There is no ETA, likely some time in 2022, but if you care to wait, it is recommended.

Jessie is the eldest daughter of Squire Gordon. Jack Beckett, a scheming adventurer, attempts to use the recent death of her brother and the mysterious disappearance of 1,000 from the Gordon household to blackmail Jessie into marrying him. Meanwhile, Black Beauty slowly descends from the position of a well-loved pet of a country gentleman to that of an overworked London cab horse. Based on the novel by Anna Sewell.

The original, seven reel release of Black Beauty today survives only in fragments. This video was sourced from a 1929 re-release intended for the home movie market. Though abridged to just two and a half reels, the complete story is preserved along with all of the major action sequences.

Starring Jean Paige · Directed by David Smith

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