Among the Cannibal Isles of the South Pacific

(Robertson-Cole Pictures Corporation, 1918)

Husband and wife explorers Osa and Martin Johnson return to the cannibal islands of the South Pacific to find Nagapate, chief of the Big Numbers tribe, whose headhunters they narrowly escaped after being captured on their first expedition two years before. During their long sea voyage between the islands of the New Hebrides, they also meet and document several other native tribes, including the Little People and the Long Heads.

Previously, the only footage available from Among the Cannibal Isles of the South Pacific came from Cannibals of the South Seas, a later film which excerpted a few clips from Cannibal Isles, largely without context. The print this video was sourced from was unfortunately in an advanced stage of decomposition, but although some scenes are distorted, nothing has been lost and the entire film is presented within the context of the Johnsons’ narrative.


Starring Osa Johnson and Martin Johnson
Directed by Martin Johnson




Image quality:



480p SD


16 minutes


Additional content

  • An original, scene-specific piano score compiled from period appropriate photoplay music.



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