A Five Thousand Dollar Elopement

(Selig Polyscope Company, 1916)

Vicky’s father does not care for Tom and will not allow them to be married, so the two plan to elope at midnight — Tom will leave his wagon out back where Vicky can sneak into it while her father is asleep. That same afternoon, Pa withdraws $5,000 from the bank, which he plans to buy cattle with in the morning. Two thieves spot him and follow him home. It is just around midnight when they leave their wagon out back to go break into Pa’s office...

Also known as A $5,000 Ellopement.


Starring Tom Mix and Victoria Forde
Directed by Tom Mix




Image quality:



480p SD


10 minutes


Additional content

  • An original, scene-specific piano score compiled from period appropriate photoplay music.
  • Color-tinted throughout.



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